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Earrings have always been some of my favorite things to make - tiny works of art for wearing every day. 

Mobile earrings. A delicate balancing act hangs from each ear with these sterling silver earrings in 3 colors of garnet. Priced at $44.95. SOLD, but others are available in amethyst, lapis lazuli, amber and jet, and pearls. Other combinations can be designed, like these all silver spirals after Alexander Calder, whose work I have always liked, also $44.95
Pink Ribbon Earrings. In tribute to a friend of mine who did not survive her battle with breast cancer, I will make a donation to breast cancer research when these earrings sell. Pink ribbon lamp work beads on sterling silver spirals. Sterling silver "French" hook ear wires are standard, other wires or posts may be available. $29.95.
Copper "squiggle" earrings
Each of these is completely hand formed of solid copper and forged into shape to grace your ears with the warm, earthy color of copper. Sterling silver "French hook" ear wires. $19.95 per pair. Left, "serpentine" style; right "spiral and loop" style. Also available in sterling silver for $29.95.

Rainbow earrings If you need a small dose of rainbow magic, I put together some special earrings in sterling silver. Left, silver "squiggles" with rainbow striped American made furnace beads, about 2 inches long, $29.95. Squiggles and beads vary. Right, sterling squiggles with seed beads in all the colors of the rainbow, about 1 1/2 inches long, $24.95. Sterling "French hook" ear wires.
Flower bouquet. Brighten up your day with these lovely flower earrings, made from vintage glass or plastic flowers. Colors available vary, but are often in the blues and greens.  Sterling "French hook" ear wires. Priced at $24.95.
Pearl spiral. These sterling silver spirals are accented with freshwater pearls to compliment most any outfit. The pearls can be any of several colors, though white and black are among the most striking. Sterling "French hook" ear wires. $29.95.
glass bead earrings Bead earrings. I have been collecting glass beads for many years, as I am forever fascinated by these miniature works of the glass makers' art. So I like to make earrings of some of my favorites. These are usually one special bead accented by a few smaller beads. Be sure to tell me what color(s). These earrings come with sterling or gold-filled kidney or French hook ear wires, and are $14.95 to $29.95.
Very vintage. These vintage metal stampings from the 1940's evoke the romance of the Victorian era... the excitement of the Industrial Age... the beauty or Art Nouveau and Art Deco.
(Left) Vintage gold color filigree set with black glass stones with tiny gold stars. Gold-filled "French hook" ear wires.; $29.95. (Right) Vintage silver color filigree holds a gold color dragon in place along with a turning gear.  Sterling silver "French hook" ear wires.  $29.95. Position and shape of gear may vary.

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