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Sometimes a simple necklace is just what you want to accent a favorite outfit (or many outfits, perhaps). Here are some examples you might wish to consider.

Blue quartz These lovely faceted blue quartz beads are separated by tiny iridescent seed beads and centered by a handmade glass bead with sterling silver accents. 20 inches long with sterling silver S hook clasp. $44.95.


Black onyx beads etched with coiled snakes are strung up with black glass beads in this 18 inch necklace. Sterling spring ring clasp. $29.95. Matching earrings available for $14.95 with sterling "French hook" ear wires. Buy the set for $39.95.

Deep blue Lapis lazuli was treasured by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt for its beautiful color. Today these 6mm beads from the same mines in Afghanistan are hand-knotted on silk and accented by rich blue cloisonne beads and gold-filled accents. About 18 inches long with a round gold-filled box clasp. $59.95.

Goddess bless. Amazonite 8mm round beads, hand-knotted on silk, with sterling silver accents and sterling S-hook clasp support this carved serpentine pendant echoing images from Neolithic times. Necklace is about 20 inches long, pendant is about 2 inches more. $69.95.
Fine turquoise has been valued for centuries. From the arid reaches of Persia to the American Southwest, it must have seemed like water in the desert. These natural blue 6mm rondels are strung with sterling silver accents.and a sterling toggle clasp. About 20 inches long. $89.95. Lovely Opalite ovals are a special glass, cut and polished like stone, that have a translucent glow, varying from blue to a peachy pink, depending on the light and the background. So you have a different color for a different day. About 18 inches long. $29.95
Jet has been a popular stone throughout the ages, particularly among the Victorians. It is light in weight but has a lovely luster, as we see here. Left, jet flat ovals and 6mm rondels, hand-knotted on silk. About 20 inches long, sterling silver S-hook clasp. $50. SOLD. Right, 12mm faceted round jet, hand-knotted on silk in one continuous strand about 30 inches long. $79.95. Garnet and pearl multi-strand necklace is a classic combination. This necklace features 3 red and white handmade copper enamel beads with gold-filled accents. Plus 2 strands of 4mm garnets and 1 strand of white freshwater pearls intertwined and occasionally meeting at a 6mm garnet. About 29 inches long, with a gold-filled pearl (fishhook) clasp. $79.95.

Icicle Sparkling clear iridescent seed beads form the core of this necklace and drip down like icicles in winter. The icicles are tipped by tiny iridescent flowers. In the center is a handmade hollow glass bead set off by sterling silver. About 20 inches long, $79.95. Blue This is another of my "furry" seed bead necklaces, loops and loops of iridescent blue seed beads and a dichroic glass pendant in blues and purples in the center. About 22 inches long, $119.95.
Copper "geology" necklace. I have fun exploring the geology of the gemstones I use, and this necklace is an example. These are all the minerals that get their color from copper. The center ovals are deep blue azurite, which often occurs in combination with malachite, the round green beads next to it. These are followed by chips of chrysacholla, a rare stone which resembles turquoise but with more patterns in it. Next are round turquoise beads in both the green and the blue shades so familiar. Spacer beads are copper, as is the hook and eye clasp. $69.95. I sometimes do other geology necklaces, depending on the stones I find. Carnelian has been valued since ancient times. Here are 2 examples of the reasons. Left, faceted 6mm carnelian rondels, hand-knotted on silk, centered with a handmade glass bead. About 18 inches long, with a sterling silver S-hook clasp. $89.95. Right, banded carnelian flattened ovals separated by 3mm gold-filled beads and centered with a handmade lampwork glass bead. About 18 inches long, gold-filled pearl (fishhook) clasp. $89.95, with matching earrings with gold-filled "French hook" ear wires.
Summer's Bounty
Bright green seed bead loops green seed beads accented by fruits and vegetables form the base of this luscious salad. Accented by such vintage fruit and vegetable beads as corn, peppers, apples, bananas, oranges, lemons, limes, pears, and strawberries, you are sure to get your "5 a day" with this necklace. Matching corn earrings included. $199.95.
Purple Amethyst is richly accented by white freshwater pearls and sterling silver Bali style beads, with a sterling silver fancy rectangular toggle clasp. The center slice is about 1 x 2 inches. The necklace is about 18 inches long. $49.95.

Amber is such a magical gem, light in weight, glowing with the sun's warmth. No wonder the Norse called it "Freya's tears", after the Goddess. Here are a few items in my collection. Amber earrings and bracelets are also available - please inquire.

Left to right, 1).8mm round dark honey amber beads, hand-knotted on nylon, about 27 inches, gold-filled spring ring clasp, $90 SOLD. 2) Graduated almost round milk and butter amber, hand-knotted on silk. ivory barrel clasp, about 26 inches, $149.95. SOLD. 3) Honey amber nuggets with sterling silver accents and amber cross pendant, hand-knotted on nylon, hand-made sterling hook clasp, about 27 inches, $110. SOLD 4) Light and dark honey amber square-ish chunks, hand-knotted on nylon, about 25 inches, gold-filled spring ring clasp, $49.95.

1) Graduated honey amber ovals, hand-knotted on nylon, about 28 inches, amber barrel clasp, $95. SOLD 2) Honey amber flattened ovals, graduated in size, about 30 inches, gold-filled safety clasp, $85 SOLD. 3) Amber nuggets graduated in color from butter amber to dark honey, hand-knotted on nylon, about 24 inches, $59.95. 4) Graduated honey amber barrels, hand-knotted on nylon, about 28 inches, amber barrel clasp, $95. SOLD



I managed to find a collection of vintage Japanese glass beads, probably dating from just after WWII, which make lovely necklaces at a very reasonable price. I especially like the "flower" beads, which I often use as accents. Some of the other beads are sometimes referred to as "Nikkei pearls" because they were used as the base bead for imitation pearls. Here are a few examples.

Vintage Japanese glass beads, pink or aqua, sterling spring ring clasps, about 19 inches long, $29.95 each. Strung on beading wire.

Left to right, 1) 10mm round blue beads with dark blue "flower" beads and sterling silver accents, about 17 inches, sterling box clasp, $34.95. SOLD. 2) Light green 6mm round beads with green "flower" beads and green and white beads, 18 inches, sterling spring ring clasp, $29.95. 3) Yellow striated 8mm round beads with "flower" beads and sterling silver accents, about 17 inches, silver color magnetic clasp, $30. 4) 3 strands of transparent light blue and blue 5mm round beads, about 16 inches, gold color spring ring clasp, $30. 5) Transparent 6mm beads with subtle swirls of pink and green, accented by larger pink and green swirled beads and sterling silver accents, about 16 inches, sterling pearl (fishhook) clasp, $30.

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